About Us

We've all been frustrated when going out and not experiencing exactly what we were expecting. Various business rating apps tell us how great a place was but it could never tell us what it's like now.

One recent Saturday lunch time, my wife and I walked out of two Italian restaurants before we found what we were looking for. We had a great time and stayed longer than we expected and in reflection it didn't came down to just great service, great food but most of all a great vibe. The other places may have had great food and service but they didn't have the vibe we were looking for.

This was when we realised that businesses struggle to communicate this energy and atmosphere with todays marketing tools.

It's all about being in the present, so we decided to developed a vibe sharing app enabling people to share the feel and energy of the venue. The Vibe. YaVibe.

It's not all about pumpin, cool places. We want to be able to find and share venues with different types of feel, mood and energy specific to the time of the day or the people we're with. So we have aimed to combine these types in a simple and practical way through the app.

This has been an amazing journey for us and we're really stoked to see where this can go.

We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks to our family, friends and mentors for all their great advice and support along the way.



Burnie - Tasmania - Australia

"Where anything's possible"