What are the vibes?


There are 6 types of vibes defined as colours


Click on the vibe icon, top right to see the vibes. Click on the vibes to see what we feel makes a chilling or quiet vibe.

We understand this is subjective as to what people define a vibe to be and 6 types of vibes maybe limiting the actual feel of the venue. This is something we will monitor closely and look at ways to enhance the experience. The view is to share the vibe to build the vibe, meaning if you can stimulate the pulse ring more people may come and join in.


Register New User

Very easy to register as a user. Download the app and follow the directions to register your details.

Register New Venue

You need to be a registered user to register a venue. Click to register a venue button and complete the form.

With this registration you'll get a new pin that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.


Within the app you can edit your details ad vibe times with ease.

Register more than one venue

Yes, you can register as many venues with us as you please.

How much does it cost


For a user it is free

For a venue, it's free for the first 3 months while you experience the features and value YaVibe offers.

how does the vibe pulse work

The venue manager defines the vibe and genre for the vibe times. This is indicated by the static coloured dot under the pin. When a user shares the vibe, the pulse rings begin to pulse and the colour is defined based on the vibe type shared.

As more people that share the vibe, the vibe pulse rate increases and the colour of the rings are influenced by the majority of the vibe being shared.

Users have the power to change the vibe as more people share the same vibe.

What's involved in Sharing a Vibe

There are two types of venues, one that is registered within YaVibe (Pin) and the other which is picked up from the map.

Sharing a vibe by selecting the pin presented within the map's blue circle.

If there maybe multiple venues within the building you are in, we ask you to select which it is that you are sharing. GPS cannot determine this accurately.

A YaVibe registered venue can present more information and you can share the vibe with a video if desired.

How do I Find a venue


This is a simple but powerful feature to find a venue specific to your interest.

Type in the general location you want to go, eg suburb or leave blank to show current location. Select the venue type, bar, club or restaurant.

Select a genre, say a jazz &/or piano bar. You can select 3 different genres. Then select up to 3 vibe types you'd like to find. Click on GO!

The app will present venues in your selection with the type, genre and vibes on the map.

Can I leave Feedback or Rating

Feedback and a rating option is to share your views and ideas about YaVibe to us to help with future development. Especially in the early stages we need your feedback to make YaVibe as great as possible. An app that you can rely on and use for many different types of uses while out with friends.

You will be able to leave feedback to the venue in the near future. This will be between you and the venue, your feedback/comment/rating will not be public.

What are the stats for

This feature is to show your sharing numbers. There will be more features around this area in the future. Features that could offer discounts or freebies from selected venues.

Some apps are all about collecting stats. This is not our key focus, our key focus is helping you find the great venue with the great vibe, right now.

As a venue manager, how do I set the vibe

Click on more, edit venue. You can add up to 7 different vibe times with different genres and vibes. For instance Friday 5-9pm might be a happy vibe with a cocktail genre and Saturday 9-12 might be a pumping vibe with a jazz genre. You set the options as you please.

Setting the vibe will define the colour of the disc under the map pin.

If you don't set a vibe time, we'll think your closed.

Can I share a Video in venue

Users can share a 6 sec video of the vibe happening within a YaVibe registered venue. These videos last for a maximum of 30mins or as low as 18 seconds. As more people share the vibe and a video the earliest video is deleted from the app. Never to be seen again.

Users can report an offensive video. If the offender of the video is found to have 3 or more reported videos, that user will lose the privilege to share a video or potential use of the app. 

What are venue facilities

To often we don't know what the venue offers until you get in there or someone tells you about it afterwards.

For instance, you go down the street to an ATM only to find one in the back near the rest rooms.

This is the line of icons under the venue detail section. These are the facilities within the venue offered to patrons for your convience. Click on the icon to see what it represents if it's not obvious.


If you have any other questions either send us feedback via the app or go to our contacts page. Cheers