"App Users"

You're looking for a great venue with a great vibe, to catch up with friends. But the place you're in is too quiet, too loud or lacks something you can't put your finger on. 

Time to move on...

Open YaVibe® app to find the ideal place. Search a location (town, suburb, street), select the venue type (bar, club or restaurant), genre and the vibe your looking for (Happy, Pumping, Soulful, Quiet, Heavy or Cool).

Tap "Go", to see what's available on the YaVibe® map.

Colour rings represent the live feel or vibe within the venue and the pulse rate relates to the number of people within that share the vibe. The faster to pulse the more people are agreeing. The vibe colour may change as more people share what they are feeling.

You can also view three 6 sec videos taken live from within the venue. These videos only last for a very short time before being deleted from our server, forever.

YaVibe brings perception to reality

These short videos will give you the visual understanding of what is happening around different areas within venues. When you're in there, share a video and the vibe so others can gain the insight too.


find it, share it!